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Hunting & fishing outfitters in Coos County, NH with Jason Busfield - GUIDE SERVICE: (603) 538-9806 | GUN DOGS: (603) 237-4894

Deadwater Adventures knows the location of the best hunting.

Deadwater Adventures knows the location of the best fishing.

Our Territory

Our territory is Coos County, New Hampshire's largest county. There are almost 2000 square miles. The area has the lowest density population of anywhere in New Hampshire averaging just 16 people per square mile. This is the home of the Deadwater wilderness, the famous Androscoggin and Connecticut Rivers, and more.  That means lots of wildlife to explore and fortunately, we have already done that for you; we know the area well, where the big trout are lurking, where the birds are and where bear and moose hang out..


Wading in the streams and ponds in the Great North Woods. Knowing where to go for the best fishing you have ever seen!

Images from recent guided trips:

Wading Fishing Wading Fishing Wading Fishing Wading Fishing Wading Fishing

Large Trout we caught on flies


Another successful fisherman

Wader with fish

Wading in streams

Fishing the Streams and Ponds

Stream Fishing

Cast & Blast Coming in October - 1/2 day fishing - 1/2 day bird hunt


Wade fishing is very productive, we wade the renowned Connecticut and Androscoggin   rivers. We wade the Connecticut from the Canadian border down to north Stratford NH, it all depends on water conditions at the time. The Androscoggin River is also productive with many opportunities to catch fish. Both rivers yield big brook, brown, and rainbow trout also landlocked salmon depending on the timing. If all fails due to high murky water due to rain, there are many productive trout ponds in the area. We would be glad to take you to them if you wish.


Fishing - Northern Quebec
Fishing - Northern Quebec
SPRING 2012 - 4lbs Brook trout
More pics coming soon!



The salmon run starts in may usually when ice out accurse, generally the second week in May. This year was great we caught salmon for a solid 3 weeks, we had good weather throughout the run with some rain and snow thrown into the mix witch you can see in the picture to the right on the wade fishing page. IT is important to have the right gear because it can be cold in the AM hours and warm up around mid day to about 50 degrees. IF you hit the salmon run at the right time it is fast and furious fishing.