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Deadwater Adventures knows the location of the best hunting.

Deadwater Adventures knows the location of the best fishing.

Our Territory

Our territory is Coos County, New Hampshire's largest county. There are almost 2000 square miles. The area has the lowest density population of anywhere in New Hampshire averaging just 16 people per square mile. This is the home of the Deadwater wilderness, the famous Androscoggin and Connecticut Rivers, and more.  That means lots of wildlife to explore and fortunately, we have already done that for you; we know the area well, where the big trout are lurking, where the birds are and where bear and moose hang out..


Deer hunting in N.H can be very rewarding experience, this is big country and the deer have a lot of room to move. Hunting out of a tree stand is the best tactic for shooting a deer, all our sites are pre- scouted and if necessary we move our stands to stay on the deer. If you are lucky enough to take a deer we will cover the field dressing and removal from the woods to the check station, you are also welcome to hang the deer at our facility. As in most cases our most successful hunters are the ones who are most quiet and have the most patients.

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