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Hunting & fishing outfitters in Coos County, NH with Jason Busfield - GUIDE SERVICE: (603) 538-9806 | GUN DOGS: (603) 237-4894

Deadwater Adventures knows the location of the best hunting.

Deadwater Adventures knows the location of the best fishing.

Our Territory

Our territory is Coos County, New Hampshire's largest county. There are almost 2000 square miles. The area has the lowest density population of anywhere in New Hampshire averaging just 16 people per square mile. This is the home of the Deadwater wilderness, the famous Androscoggin and Connecticut Rivers, and more.  That means lots of wildlife to explore and fortunately, we have already done that for you; we know the area well, where the big trout are lurking, where the birds are and where bear and moose hang out..


Here at Deadwater Adventures we take pride in our English setter gun dogs, guiding is our business and it’s important that we make your bird hunts productive and memorable, hunting grouse and wood cock in the North Country. Our setters come from the best blood lines in the country, we raise and train them ourselves from pups in the best all around conditions.

Deadwater Gun Dogs

The dogs are run consistently all year, the winters are tough but the deep snow develops great muscle tone, spring is great for introducing the pups to wood cock on their annual migration to the north, in the summer they are worked on wild birds and liberated quail. As a result of our work we have decided to breed our females with one or two litters a year.

Puppy of the Year



Deadwater Hic

Deadwater Zee
Deadwater Annie
Deadwater Jake



  • CH Long gone Boston 
  • CH First Rate
  • CH Cracklin tail speed
  • CH Stockley’s Diablo Ginger
  • CH Lone gone Agnus 
  • CH Long gone George                
  • CH Still meadows Jim
  • CH Long Gone Nixon
  • CH Grouse Ridge Reroy
  • CH Long Gone Agnus
  • CH Kalamity Cover Girl
  • CH Stockley's Diablo Ginger
  • CH First Rate
  • CH Pauchek's Fantleroy

Gun Dog Breeding Info & Pedigree's


Images from recent guided trips:

More pics coming soon!
Deadwater Gun Dogs Fall 2012
Deadwater Abby Fall 2012
Deadwater Abby at 5 mons
Sue & Ted
Dave & John
Paige & Elenor
Jeff & Bell

Bernnie Brown with one of Annie's pups 6 mons. old